Printed Catalog

Printed CatalogUntil a couple of years ago we mailed printed catalogs out with our orders. Since 98% of our orders come to us via the Internet nowadays (thank you, Al Gore!), that doesn't make sense anymore. The catalogs were expensive to print and out-of-date almost as soon as they were shipped. With monthly specials, close-out sales, and new shirts coming and going regularly, it was time to retire ye olde catalogue. We put it right next to the fax machine and our Polaroid camera.

No loss to you, though! Our on-line catalog gives you search capability at your fingertips, close-up and high-resolution views of the products themselves, and links to employee and alum sites. It also gives you instant at the click of a button, and your shirt is on its way to you! We'd rather spend our time designing new shirts and finding interesting and exciting airline products for you than producing a printed catalog.

But if there's anything you need, can't find, or are having trouble ordering, don't hesitate to call us, drop us a note, or send us a message on Facebook. We always enjoy hearing from you.