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Our Shirts Rock!

Our shirts are made from the highest quality cloth on the market, are almost all 100% Cotton (unless you buy a special or close-out...heck, WE don't know what we had 'em made out of back then!) and are screen printed to assure longevity and superior look. No crappy iron ons, seconds, or irregulars here. (Buy Chinese toys...they taste better, right? Not!)

Our Standard Tee is made by a US manufacturer: Fruit-of-the-Loom, Gildan, or Hanes. They may be assembled south of our borders, but they're the high quality you expect from SkyShirts.com, not the cheap stuff imported by Big Box retailers from slave-labor Communist countries. We guarantee every shirt we sell to not fade, shrink or discolor, under normal usage.  We often wear shirts that are older than most of our customers...and they still look great!

Our silk-screening press at work